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Running In Blind (Chapter 1)
   Our story begins at the break of dawn.  The small farm town of Duskwood, population of about maybe 200, was already busy at work.  Farmers had been tending the fields since before the sun had begun to rise, getting as much work out of the way as possible before they'd be working the fields under the hot sun.  In the dimly lit sky, merchants were slowly setting up their shops in the market, preparing their wares for the next weary traveler.  Travelers who had long distances to travel checked out of their inns and made way for their next stop.  Though the morning mist still hung overhead, the town was bustling before too long.  
    Duskwood was a fairly new-founded province, having been started only twenty years ago. Despite that, it's popularity grew very quickly.  Duskwood boarders the Whitewood forest to it's East, and is one of the furthest most Eastern of provinces within the Avandrian Empire.  This far out, the towns a
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Prologue: Running In Blind (Unprepared Beginnings)
A Dungeons & Dragons (4e) campaign story arc.  Story written by me.  
Author's note:  This will be the only "In Real Life" segment of this story.  Just so before I submit the first real chapter of the game, I can get a feel for my writing style and decide whether I want it to be serious or semi-serious, comedic, or just an alternating mix.  
Prologue: Running In Blind
It was a Saturday night.  Patrick and I had just finished our shifts working pizza delivery at Sawtelle's Pizza.  We left the store with pockets full of the money that would replace some of the gas we needed to make it through the week.  We said our goodbye's and started our cars.  Patrick lowered his window and motioned for me to do the same.
"I'll see you at Matt's.  I've just got to go to my house first."
"Alright, see you there."  
 The shift had been exhausting, but Matt always had quite the stock of Monster.  When I parked my car in the lot, I grab
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Cinder Helltalon (Tiefling Mage) (Back view) by Timminz Cinder Helltalon (Tiefling Mage) (Back view) :icontimminz:Timminz 0 2 Cinder Helltalon (Tiefling Mage) (Front view) by Timminz Cinder Helltalon (Tiefling Mage) (Front view) :icontimminz:Timminz 0 0 Self Portrait, Winter (2010) by Timminz Self Portrait, Winter (2010) :icontimminz:Timminz 0 3 Old Stuff.  Ezreal Cosplay. by Timminz Old Stuff. Ezreal Cosplay. :icontimminz:Timminz 1 0 Keli Cosplay by Timminz Keli Cosplay :icontimminz:Timminz 1 0 Tucker, Golden Retriever by Timminz Tucker, Golden Retriever :icontimminz:Timminz 1 2 Red Eye by Timminz Red Eye :icontimminz:Timminz 2 0 My first two miniatures. by Timminz My first two miniatures. :icontimminz:Timminz 0 0 Fusion by Timminz Fusion :icontimminz:Timminz 0 1 Halfling Vs Worm by Timminz Halfling Vs Worm :icontimminz:Timminz 0 0 Deterioration 2 by Timminz Deterioration 2 :icontimminz:Timminz 0 0 Deterioration by Timminz Deterioration :icontimminz:Timminz 0 0 Old Favorites by Timminz Old Favorites :icontimminz:Timminz 0 0 Orc Horde by Timminz Orc Horde :icontimminz:Timminz 0 0


Fascination by Vineyard86 Fascination :iconvineyard86:Vineyard86 24 10 Cross Sparks by ducomors Cross Sparks :iconducomors:ducomors 5 13 KXKKXKXXKKXKKXKKX by kinnas KXKKXKXXKKXKKXKKX :iconkinnas:kinnas 100 5 Eye Tutorial - Drawing, Painting, Swatches by ThreshTheSky Eye Tutorial - Drawing, Painting, Swatches :iconthreshthesky:ThreshTheSky 3,361 199 Painting with light 1 by downhillfrenzy Painting with light 1 :icondownhillfrenzy:downhillfrenzy 321 67 Tiger V.s Super Ultra Mega Chicken by enc86 Tiger V.s Super Ultra Mega Chicken :iconenc86:enc86 267 357 Painting with light by nardsketch Painting with light :iconnardsketch:nardsketch 269 77 Jared Leto - Mixed up WIP by shvau4 Jared Leto - Mixed up WIP :iconshvau4:shvau4 81 37 Golden Eyes by AiwIss Golden Eyes :iconaiwiss:AiwIss 1,323 59 eyes by hotknickers eyes :iconhotknickers:hotknickers 1,948 114
Spitting Venom: Scarred
Taking back those broken words?
Who said you could?
Certainly not I, not Me.
I would never.
You can't take back such appalling words.
Such abominate, insidious things said.
How could anyone…?
No heart could withstand it.
Not even the most intrepid soul.
Spitting venom from your tongue,
At most everyone you know.
Hell, that will only get you so far, you know.
Find a road map, get going.
Where? I don't know, away from me.
What? You won't leave? Guess I will…
(Why am I leaving here scarred?
That's not me, not my scene…
I need to fix this, but how?
With her words like acid,
Her lips like sweet venom,
How can I ever mend that?)
:iconhellsing-the-dark:Hellsing-The-Dark 2 4
I Am From...
I am from the last house on the left
From someplace in a small town
From the suburbs of that small town.
I am from the autumn leaves
From the unforgiving New England winters
From ruthless weather in general
From the melancholy woodlands at night
From the aroma of dew in the morning.
I am from the famines overseas
and from the hills of Rome.
I am from cats and dogs and from cars and frogs
From bats shrieking and a birds chirping
From blaring my music over yipping coyotes.
I am from geeks and musicians
From magical mornings after quiet car rides
From persecuted and browbeaten
From pride and poetry when there's nothing left to cling to.
I am from modest and honorable friends
From a community of acceptance
From intelligent and knowledgeable foes
From unyielding and tattered heroes
From joyful and loving family.
:iconhellsing-the-dark:Hellsing-The-Dark 2 1
Basilisk by redrovaredrova Basilisk :iconredrovaredrova:redrovaredrova 1 4



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"I don't do anything perfectly, but I can be pretty good at whatever I try".

As narcissistic as that may sound, I mean that as humbly as I can. I consider myself an amateur at everything I do. I play piano, I take pictures, I paint, I write, I sing, and I do a boatload of other things too. Sometimes I'll spend too much time on one thing and get bored with it, so I'll jump right on to the next thing, only to eventually rotate back to it when the time comes.

I don't know how to describe myself accurately, but people tend to tell me that I'm incredibly sassy. I usually don't mean to sound sassy. A lot of people also call me an asshole, but don't let that put you off. I'm usually very polite and courteous. Check out my stuff. Hope you like it. Criticism is always welcome and encouraged. I may not be an expert in anything I do, but I can always aim to improve.


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I like this "add a drawing" thing. I drew a poorly drawn Rayquaza in honor of the friend who told me that digital photography is acceptable on Deviant art.
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